Our team

We are proud of our team consisting of diverse talents who always think outside the box. Every individual specializes in their area, and together we form a whole that can tackle even the biggest challenges. Meet the individuals behind our bold projects.


Rok Zajc
Managing partner and CEO
Aljaž Peklaj
Managing partner and strategic director
Gregor Bobovnik
Managing partner and chief operating officer
Anže Herbst
Managing partner and director of business development

Strategic consulting

Luka Pangos
Project director and strategist
Ivana Franka Kolonič
Project director and strategist
Ina Baznik
Project manager
Urška Grabeljšek
Digital project manager
Karmen Govejšek
Office manager

Experience management

Aljaž Florjančič
Director of experience department
Jaka Rogelj
Project manager
Project manager
Project manager


Tim Waschl Luznar
Art director
Jan Žurman
Graphic designer
Tea Es
Graphic designer
Toni Petrovič
Graphic and digital designer

Brand development

Benjamin Hrkič
Creative director
Lana Črnigoj
Project manager and social media consultant
Asta Brumen
Content marketing specialist
Nika Burazer
Content marketing specialist
Živa Teršek
Social media manager

Performance marketing

Domen Rozman
Performance marketing director
Gala Vardjan
Performance marketing specialist
Aljoša Renčof
Web Developer


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